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One Thing You Need To Know About Singing With Proper Technique

Do you love to sing and are serious about improving your singing? There’s a often overlooked aspect to singing that many beginners don’t realise.

Singing is a sport in and of itself. Many modern genres of music require a singer to have a large range and also power. But most people approach singing like they would they gym, often without instruction, and sometimes hurt themselves.

In 2007, I lost my ability to speak and sing and went for a medical check on what was causing the issue. The doctors discovered that I had developed polyps and also a nodule.

It was every singer’s nightmare. I was devastated. The polyps and nodules came about from serious reflux and overuse of my vocal cords. It was painful to cope with my imbalanced voice and I thought that it was the end of my singing journey.

I was offered surgery for it was extremely rare for any polyp at that stage to dissolve with vocal rest or therapy. I turned down the surgery for fear that I may lose my voice permanently event though at this point, it was obvious that I had already lost it.

Added to my list of woes was the fact that I was a new mother. You know how mothers always sing lullabies to comfort and calm their crying baby? I was unable to sing to my child. I just couldn’t sing because all I had was a raspy airy voice with no power.

But by the grace of God, my voice came back miraculously after a Sunday church service! I am so grateful to have come out of that. Like 100% and eternally grateful for a second chance at singing.

I had to doublecheck with my ENT, and as confirmed, the polyps and nodules had supernaturally dissipated.

It was a painful season having lost the ability to sing and even to speak properly and one that thought me the importance of taking care of my voice and understanding how to sing with good healthy habits.

This whole ordeal gave me a new sense of hunger and passion I had never had before to hone my voice instrument.

I decided to embark on my journey to complete a voice certification program and was extremely persistent in getting educated by the best voice Teachers of the industry because of my personal encounter with bad singing habits.

My first step started with learning “Speech Level Singing” and then progressed to learning the techniques and methodologies of the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) where I got my most recent certification to be a level 3 vocal coach.

Why leave it to chance when knowledge and proper practice can prevent any vocal damage?
Our voices are the best and only instrument in us we’d ever own. It is definitely worth the attention or investment much more than one can put into for a piano or art class!

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