London College of Music Examinations (LCME)

Are you seeking to boost your child's confidence or create a DSA portfolio? Look no further! Enroll your child in singing lessons with us or register for an examination today.

Adeline Gan Vocal Studio is proud to be an official exam center for the London College of Music Examinations (LCME), the longest-established exam board for the creative arts in the UK.

As part of a leading British university, the University of West London, LCME offers flexible and environmentally friendly digital exams to candidates, including Digital Live Exams and Digital Recorded Exams. Join us on your music and performance journey with LCME exams at Adeline Gan Vocal Studio.

What is DSA? 

DSA-Sec, or Direct School Admission - Secondary, is an admission exercise for Primary 6 students who wish to enter Secondary 1 based on their talents and achievements. The purpose of this exercise is to provide schools with more flexibility and options when selecting deserving students, while also giving Primary 6 students the opportunity to showcase their range of talents and achievements. 

Students who excel in sports, CCAs, and specific academic areas can apply for admission to certain secondary schools through DSA-Sec. Parents and students are advised to carefully consider the student's strengths and aptitudes, as well as the academic and non-academic requirements of the schools and the programmes available to develop the student's talent, before making their choice.