What are your rates?

Where is your studio?

When are you available for lessons?

How can I contact you?

What do I need to bring along for my lessons?

How often do I need to have vocal lessons?

Do you offer just one lesson? I need to prepare for my recording and auditions.

What is a Zoom/Skype lesson like?

I'm completely new to singing, can you help?

How many lesson will I need to become a better singer?

Are you able to teach children or teenagers singing?

Can we have a chat before we start lessons so I can let you know my requirements?

What type of singing styles can you teach?

I'm having trouble with my speaking voice, can you help?

Most voice methods start with "breathing." Is that also what you work on first?

Can I learn to sing if I think I'm "tone deaf"?

How long will it take for me to learn to sing?

What is different about your technique?

Do I need to read music and/or play an instrument to be able to sing?

Can anybody learn to sing, using this technique?