Do you ever feel that you can do so much more with your singing gift?

Have you ever heard your own singing and just wanted to press “stop” immediately on the playback? Well, I’ve been there and I would like to tell you that it’s something we all go through.

Proper guidance can unlock your true singing potential

Everyone can sing better with proper guidance and instruction. A person may find a limited improvement from simply singing and practising more, but learning with an experienced and certified coach who is able to accurately diagnose your vocal habits saves you massive time, effort and money.

At Adeline Gan Vocal Studio, we offer specific guidance and share with you the secrets to:

  • Diagnose your singing habits 
  • Expand and improve your vocal range
  • Increase your vocal stamina and power
  • Great breath control
  • Maximize vocal resonance
  • Achieve a better vocal tone and quality
  • Sing and stay on right pitch
  • New singing styles and vocal agility
  • Provide personalised exercises as tools to reinforce healthy singing habits

My desire is to help you find your true singing voice while cutting back on the mistakes that are avoidable (I know, as I was an average singer when I started!)  

It will be my joy and privilege to help you rise above mediocrity  and be a singer who truly engages the hearts of listeners.  

- Adeline Gan


Private Voice Lessons

30-minutes / 60-minutes
Single Lesson (in Studio)
Or Via Skype Video Call

  • All Trial Lessons
  • Warm-up Lessons
  • Learning to Sing Specific Songs
  • Suitable for All Singers




Private Voice Lessons (Packaged)

Book a package and save!
120-minutes / 240-minutes a Month





For Groups

Class (Adults)
Singing Foundation Group

Kidz Choir
(Ages 3 - 12)

  • Great Value
  • Build Your Singing Foundation
  • Great For Beginners
  • Weekly Group Class (1 - 1.5 hours)
  • Each Class Is Kept Small to Maximize Learning