About Adeline Gan

Adeline is a well-loved gospel singer and worship leader based in Singapore and uses her craft to reach 30,000 people on a given Sunday at one of Singapore’s largest churches.

Her uniquely soothing-pop voice quality has led her to front numerous projects in both English, Mandarin and Hokkien dialect such as 12 church album recordings, numerous major events, concerts and tours since 1994. Over the years, she has performed as the lead in musicals “The Love Story Of Xiao Niang” (2007), Mediacorp TV’s Christmas Showcase “The Christmas Wish” (2003).

She has collaborated with renowned gospel artists and labels such as Bob Fitts for Integrity Music and Hillsong (Hillsong Global Project) (2002, 2013) and recorded mandarin music videos which are well received in nations like China and Taiwan(2015, 2017).

She is passionate to teach singers like you

As a vocal coach who is responsible for the vocal development of many notable singers, she inspires, trains and develops hundreds of singers through individual lessons, and even more, through vocal pedagogy workshops.

Adeline guides her students to always sing the right way, mainly using IVA techniques which focus on achieving a healthy & balanced singing.  Part of the methodology seeks to eliminate vocal breaks/vocal strain, expanding one’s vocal range, improving vocal projection, breath control, pitch accuracy, tone and as well as other nuances related to professional singing.

Her mission and core mandate is to educate and inspire lives, to build confidence and to unlock a person’s true singing potential. Regardless of any student’s background or faith, Adeline is absolutely committed to helping them reach their singing goals.

Learning from the masters of vocal instruction

She has studied in-person with Vocal Maestro, Seth Riggs, the founder of Speech-Level-Singing (SLS) (vocal coach of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and more)

Adeline was certified in SLS in 2012 after studying the technique  and method from 2005. She furthered her voice education and was similarly certificated with the Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA), and has since been appointed the Area Representative for Singapore (2018-2020). Adding to her list of achievement in vocal instruction,  Adeline received Advanced Level Certification in 2019 and continues to update her instructional methods with the latest advancements singing techniques.

She credits her success to much-respected Master Teachers; Jeffrey Skouson (Former CEO of SLS and current CEO of IVA), Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch (Director of Education, IVA), Stephanie Borm-Krueger and Kathy Kennedy.

Adeline’s passion for singing and learning had led her to achieve a distinction in ABRSM Theory, Grade 5 (2000) and was awarded with “excellent grade” for the Specialist Certificate on Vocal Styles with the Berklee College of Music, Boston (2017).

Her ability to coach goes beyond just contemporary music, and worship music; she is proficient across all musical genres, including Pop & Rock, Jazz and R&B.

More than just about singing

Happily married since 2005, Adeline has a 12 going on to 13 year-old son and finds her greatest joy in spending time with her family as well as leading worship services at her home church.

Her love for people extends beyond just music and singing, she aspires to sponsor  as many children as she can through Compassion International (releasing children from poverty) and to support community and overseas outreach programs.


  • Speech Level Singing Certified Instructor:  USA 2005-2012 (Level 1, Level 2 2012)
  • Institute For Vocal Advancement Certified Vocal Coach: USA
 2012-2020 (Advanced Level)
  • IVA Area Representative For Singapore: (2018-2020)
  • Specialist Certificate in Vocal Styles: Berklee College Of Music – Boston, USA 2017 (Graded ‘Excellent’ in Pop & Rock, R&B, Jazz)
  • Music Theory Grade 5: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – London
2000 (Distinction)

Unhealthy singing habits can ruin your voice permanently

In 2007, Adeline lost her ability to sing and even to speak. After ‘losing’ her upper vocal range, she sought medical help where they discovered that she had vocal polyps and nodes on her vocal folds (caused by serious acid reflux and frequent heavy usage of her voice).

A miracle happened: Her vocal fold polyps and nodules disappeared before surgery could even take place!

The initial trauma of losing her voice led her to the path of exploring healthy and holistic ways to sing. She is determined to help others avoid the painful experience of losing one’s voice and now places a strong emphasis on vocal health and voice recovery in every lesson.

Are you a vocal coach right now or do you aspire to be an effective and qualified one?

Adeline is a certified representative for IVA in Singapore and Malaysia. She will help you achieve your further education and career as a vocal coach.

Here in Singapore, we have a fast-growing local community of 17 IVA vocal coaches, a small number compared to more than 300 vocal coaches world-wide!

Together with our world-class Master Teachers we provide all-rounded education, support and top-notch learning experience that every vocal coach would love to receive.

For more details on vocal coaches certification programs by IVA please contact Adeline here.

Unlock your true singing potential with Adeline today!

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