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Unlock your full singing potential and sing those powerful soaring high notes with ease.

Ever wanted to sing powerful high notes like the singers you admire? Are you keen on unlocking your full singing potential? Do you suffer from low-confidence because someone told you that you don’t have a good singing voice? Are you over-conscious about performing in-front of others?


Adeline has 30 years of performing experience and is an Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) certified Mentor Level Vocal Coach. With her 15 years of teaching experience, she is trained to expand your vocal range as well as improve your singing tone quality by implementing cutting-edge vocal techniques. She takes extra care to ensure that as your singing improves, your voice remains strong and healthy.

She has also been appointed as the Area Representative for Singapore by IVA and is entrusted to build the community of IVA-certified coaches here.

Vocal Coaching, on Tour with Celebrity, Angela Zhang 张韶涵

What My Students Are Saying

Bringing Me Close To My Potential

Wang Yuyan Choir Member

Adeline is non-judgmental and very encouraging when she teaches - this is a first and important step to motivating anyone to enjoy learning music. Thanks to Adeline, I have discovered the various aspects of the vocal system and how to control these to produce various vocal qualities and styles.

Adeline is also very detailed in her teaching and is probably more particular than I am in helping me perfect my singing and bringing me up to my potential. Really grateful for the vocal lessons I have with her and I definitely enjoy singing more than before!

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Jam Leong Music Teacher

Adeline is a patient and flexible voice teacher who considers her students’ interests and needs in her teaching and planning.

As a beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and found it manageable to pick up singing with her guidance. Through her, I’ve found a voice that I never thought I had, and appreciate singing beyond leisure activities.

Overcame So Many Barriers!

Sarah Lim Online Class Student

Adeline has helped me overcome so many of the barriers that I face in singing like hitting the high notes and singing longer verses. Just a few lessons and I already feel that my worship leading in CG has improved! One of the best part about all this is I get to take these lessons with Adeline ONLINE as I stay in the West and it's quite a distance to travel down. I don't feel I was shortchanged in anyway and it was easier to make time for it in my busy schedule. Thank you Adeline!


Private Voice Lessons

30-minutes / 60-minutes
Single Lesson (in Studio)
Or Via Skype Video Call

  • All Trial Lessons
  • Warm-up Lessons
  • Learning to Sing Specific Songs
  • Suitable for All Singers




Private Voice Lessons (Packaged)

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120-minutes / 240-minutes a Month





For Groups

Class (Adults)
Singing Foundation Group

Kidz Choir
(Ages 3 - 12)

  • Great Value
  • Build Your Singing Foundation
  • Great For Beginners
  • Weekly Group Class (1 - 1.5 hours)
  • Each Class Is Kept Small to Maximize Learning




Are your high notes, weak or strained?

Over-breathiness or excess tension in your singing are possible signs that you are using improper singing techniques that will stop you from unlocking your true potential.

Learn the professional secrets

to singing with power, incredible range without strain or risk of damage to your voice.